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No conferences by Morgan Consulting are scheduled at this time. However, learning continues through the Industry Liaison Groups (ILGs) which I strongly support.  If you are not familiar with the ILG groups, I invite you to visit the website below to learn about how you can stay up to date with OFCCP regulations and implementation; there is always an ILG group close to you.


Some things for you to consider:

(1) Are you familiar with the OFCCP's new strategy efforts aimed not only at continuing to enforce hiring discrimination and compensation differences but also on the regulations governing       individuals with disabilities and protected veterans? 

(2)  Are you familiar with the term steering and how to determine if steering is taking place within your corperation?

(3) Are you familiar with the term "cohort analyses" and understanding OFCCP's investigative methods for one-on-one discrimination?

(4) Are you comfortable you are in compliance with OFCCP's laws and Executive Order? 

(5) Do you know your rights when OFCCP asks for information for which they have no regulatory authority or cannot justify the need for the information? 

Please send me an email learn more about the current trends in the OFCCP.

If you have specific training needs, please visit my Services page to review the training offered, and then send me your request by visiting my Information Request page.    Customized training that fits your specific needs can be delivered right to your door!!

Let me know what training conferences you feel would benefit you and other companies in your area. Customized training for small groups can also be developed.


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