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Think you are subject to the OFCCP regulations? You have received a scheduling letter and don't know what to expect? Voluntary affirmative action and equal employment opportunity are goals for all companies because of their importance in acquiring and maintaining a stable, viable workforce. However, some companies will have their personnel practices scrutinized by the OFCCP which can be time consuming, costly, and disruptive to your entire workforce. Morgan Consulting Services offers reliable and expert advice/guidance for making determinations of coverage and assisting you with your compliance efforts. Morgan Consulting Services offers expert insight into OFCCP jurisdiction and how it may affect you. OFCCP is constantly evolving and upgrading staff talent and enforcement procedures which have maximized OFCCP's enforcement efforts and recovery of monetary settlements for findings of discrimination. Morgan Consulting Services is poised to bring the latest enforcement strategies to Federal contractors, keeping companies abreast of potential liability concerns in areas of vulnerability. Services are tailored to companies' human resource needs and include:

» Preparation of Affirmative Action Programs, including impact ratio and preliminary compensation analyses
» Expert representation during Compliance Reviews/Evaluations by the OFCCP
» Mock Audits (in-depth analyses and assessment of current practices applying OFCCP investigative procedures)
» Assistance with Conciliation efforts (defending compliance status and/or assistance with Conciliation Agreement)
» Monitoring of affirmative action/EEO efforts
» Training Services
  * Standardized for all industries
  * Customized and tailored for individual/cultural needs
» Review of Tests administered and assessment of potential liability
» Internal Complaint Investigations
» OFCCP complaint investigations
» EEOC complaint investigations
» Agency updates, changes, and trends
» Filing of EEO-1 Report
» Filing of VETS 100 Report


Clients of Morgan Consulting Services enjoy an expert, professional, relationship and easy access to the latest, breaking news regarding OFCCP priorities and strategies.



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